Postponement of World Cup Qualifiers leaves ZIFA counting losses

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The postponement of the World Cup qualifying campaign has left ZIFA counting losses after the local football board had already invested a lot of money in preparing for the games.

CAF announced on Thursday that the qualifiers scheduled for June will not happen and the games have been pushed to September due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic which left several host stadiums in bad condition.

ZIFA had started the preparations for their games against South Africa at home and a trip to Ethiopia.

In an interview with The Herald, Warriors team manager Wellington Mpandare said, they had already secured air tickets for the invited players and made hotel bookings.

“In terms of preparations, we were at an advanced stage where we had secured air tickets for all the invited players and had done hotel bookings for the local camp, ahead of the first match against South Africa,’’ said Mpandare.

“We were actually in the process of sending an advanced party to Ethiopia, to sort out the logistics, for the next game.”

The manager didn’t give an update if whether the association will make efforts to recoup all the costs or will just go on with the plans to play a friendly match during the June international break.