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FC Barcelona has had a less-than-perfect season, no doubt. With six games left in the just concluded La Liga, Barca still had as good a chance as any to win the title — until they didn’t. Two painful losses to Granada and Celta Vigo and two draws against Levante and Atletico were enough to shatter any dreams of a return to dominance in Spain’s topmost league.


The Catalan Giants’ run in the Champions League this season has also fallen short of the high standards we have come to expect. Despite dominating and winning the Copa Del Rey, anyone watching last season’s Barca team will easily admit that things had to change. 


Barca is known and respected for dominance. The kind of dominance that the Betway soccer betting peeps love — records-shattering dominance. 


Thankfully, the management team at Barca is stepping up to the challenge of building a reinvigorated Barca squad. The addition of Sergio Aguero to Barcelona on a two-year contract spells progress of the overall team success of Barcelona. Especially, when he is healthy, Aguero can offer enough quality to help Barcelona stand out again.


Goal-scoring Wizard

Barcelona needs a more clinical goal-scoring machine — Braithwaite is just not that guy. Barcelona recorded their lowest goal tally in at least five years last season with just 85 goals scored. This is in stark contrast to what we are used to when the famous blue and red kit players play. Barca is more in the exclusive 95+ goals club where La Liga is concerned — and that’s where they need to return to.


Sergio Aguero is already considered by many to be the foreign player to ever play in the Premier League — he’s arguably in the top five forwards of all-time in the PL. With 260 goals in 390 appearances for Manchester City, Aguero needs no introduction as a master wizard in the magic of goal-scoring.

With his presence in the FCB squad, there’s bound to be notable improvements in goals, actual wins and ultimately happier days for Betway bettors who choose Barca.


The “Messi” angle

This is perhaps no new information to football fans, but it’s still worth mentioning — Messi and Aguero both play on Argentina’s national team and are friends enough to think of themselves as an old married couple


This information is valuable, especially when you consider the Mess-is-leaving drama that has played out over the past year, and may still play out. The front office at Barca would rather have Messi stay and one sure way to do that is to add a long-time friend and teammate who can inject some more drive and passion into the tiring Messi.


Aguero has got a wealth of experience

Naturally, a 32-year old football superstar like Aguero will have learned and experienced enough about football to make him a treasure trove of football knowledge. No doubt, Sergio will be passing on his knowledge down to young forward players in Barca like Ansu Fati and Dembele, helping them grow and develop at a much faster pace.


A person might say “But, Aguero does not know how La Liga works”. That person would be wrong. 


Before his move to Manchester City in 2011, Aguero made 230 appearances for Atletico Madrid, scoring a lot of goals too. Sergio isn’t walking into new territory because he’s already familiar with the terrain. He’ll only need to readjust.


He’s already looking like a great signing. You can feel it.