Action as it happened: COSAFA Cup – Mozambique vs Zimbabwe

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Follow our live coverage of the COSAFA Cup Group B match between Mozambique vs Zimbabwe.


Mozambique 0-0 Zimbabwe


93′ Mozambique get a corner-kick but it’s poorly taken. The set-piece is the last play of the game. Referee blows for full-time.

90′ Mozambique makes a big penalty shout following a handball inside the box. Referee thinks otherwise and blows for a corner-kick .

87′ Mozambique Sub: Junior replaces Alexandre.

86′ Big Chance!!! A free-kick is whipped into the box. Mozambique fails to clear it and a loose ball falls on Murimba who misses a hit on the ball. Hachiro tries to mop it in but his effort goes way over.

83′ Yellow Card to Nangy (Moz) for dangerous play.

82′ Yellow Card to Musaka (Zim) for professional foul.

81′ Big Chance!!! A great build-up by Zim and Karuru is at the end of it but his header goes an inch off the target. This is Zim’s only meaningful chance at goal in the second half thus far.

80′ Zim Sub: Hachiro replaces Tavengwa, Phiri replaces Nyahwa.

79′ Yellow Card to Malico (Moz) for foul on Musaka.

78′ Mozambique gets the ball into the back of the net but the effort is ruled for an offside.

77′ Zim get their second corner-kick of the game, poorly taken and Mozambique clear their lines.

75′ Mozambique Sub: Macaime replace Mathe.

71′ Yellow Card to Murimb (Zim) for dangerous play.

67′ Malico gets the space and tries from a range but his effort poses little danger to arubi who sees it sailing over the bar.

66′ Yellow Card to Mathe (Mozambique).

64′ Zim Sub: Nadolo replaces Sarupinda. Murimba replaces Matare.

60 Free-kick to Zim just outside the box following a foul on Matare. Amini steps up  and goes for goal. His low drive effort, however, goes straight to the keeper.

59′ Mozambique get another corner-kick, cleared.

58′ Zim Sub: Musaka replaces Banda.

56′ Mozambique on the move but Zim defence forces them wide and the ball goes out for a corner-kick. Set-piece taken short and the final release goes of target for a goalkeeper.

54′ Mozambique Sub: Malico replaces Nhantumbo.

52′ Yellow Card to Nhantumbo (mozambique).

51′ Karuru breaks away and tries to square the ball into the box but the cross is cleared.

50′ Slow start to the second half as both teams are yet to pick up the momentum.

46′ Zimbabwe gets the second half underway.


44′ Another Corner-kick to Mozambique, cleared and Zim quickly launches a counter attack. The quick build-up is decent but there are too many touches at the end of it which allows Mozambique to recover. Banda squeezes some space but miscues  his effort and it goes pretty well wide.

39′ Corner-kick to Mozambique, whipped into the box and Nhantumbo connects it with a header. Karuru is well positioned and clears the danger.

37′ Free-kick to Zim in a very good position. Amini decides to go for goal and tries to curl the set-piece but it goes over.

32′ Matare cuts across before taking a shot which takes a slight deflection on its way out. First corner-kick to Zim but it’s poor taken. Mozambique clear their lines.

31′ Mozambique gets a corner-kick, wasted. No threat to Zim as they clear the lines.

30′ Karuru tries to run through but his way is blocked, spots Tavengwa who takes a wide shot from a range and the effort goes way over.

28′ Free-kick taken on goal, effort goes off target.

27′ Yellow Card to Q. Amini (Zimbabwe) for dangerous play. Free-kick to Mozambique from some thirty yards outside Zim’s goal.

25′ Matare sets up Karuru who breaks away before striking on goal. The angle is tight and keeper is well positioned to save the effort.

24′ Karuru up well with Matare who sends a dangerous cut inside the box to Banda but the execution is poor as the effort goes to wide.

23′ Free kick to Mozambique near the center line, taken long into Zim’s box but the target man, Mathe fails to connect it.

18′ Mozambique gets a free-kick in a dangerous position, wasted as the set pice is played short and Zimbabwe clear their lines.

13′ Zim slowly retaining the possession but yet to create a meaningful chance. Mozambique, at the other end, are possing some real threats and trying to get their best from their attacks.

9′ Big Chance!!! Mozambique takes the corner-kick short, Simbine is at the end of the build-up but  misses the target from a close range as he heads over after going beyond Zim’s last line.

8′ Big Chance!!! Mozambique break away with Nhaca who sends in a good cross. Novela pounces on it but his header is supperbly denied by Arubi who stretches to tip over the dangerous effort. First Corner-kick of the game goes to Mozambique.

5′ Mozambique setting the pace in the opening moments of the game.

4′ Nyahwa fouled in a dangerous position. Sarupinda takes the free-kick straight to the goal but his effort goes over.

1′ Mozambique get the game underway and quickly take the first sight on goal with Nhantumbo trying to catch Arubi off his line from a range. The keeper reacts well and save the dangerous effort.

  • Mozambique in red and black and attacking from left to right.
  • Zimbabwe wearing dominant white and light grey strips and attacking from right to left.

Mozambique XI: Siluane, Simbine, Nangy, Muze, Nhantumbo, Alexandre, Ernesto, Thauzene, Novela, Nhaca, Mathe.

Warriors XI: Arubi, Mucheto, Amin, Dzingai, Mavhurume, Tavengwa, Nyahwa, Sarupinda, Banda, Karuru, Matare.