Action as it happened: COSAFA Cup – Namibia vs Zimbabwe

Follow our live coverage of the 2021 COSAFA Cup – Group G encounter between Namibia and Zimbabwe.


Namibia 2-0 Zimbabwe


90+1′ Zim gets a freekick in a dangerous position. Karuru steps up but the ball goes straight to the keeper’s hands.

86′ Goal!!! Kambinda doubles Namibia’s lead.

85′ Yellow Card to Mkolo (Zim)

82′ Zim Dube replaces Sarupinda, Mkolo replaces

80 Yellow to Nyahwa (Zim).

77′ Zim Sub: Banda replaces Musaka, Hachiro replaces Matare.

75′ Zim trying hard to make a quick response but Namibia continue to dictate the pace.

72′ Zim Sub: Murimba replaces Amini.

70′ Goal!!! Namibia takes the lead following Amini’s own goal.

68′ Nam Sub: Theophilus replace Katjiteo

64′ Kamupindu tries from a range but his effort goes wide.

63′ Namiba slowly coming out of their shells in the second half as they start to take the game to Zim.

58′ Namibia gets a corner-kick , partially cleared and the rebound goes over.

55′ Zimbabwe enjoying the dominance in the opening moments. A great interplay ends with Musaka getting the ball just outside the box and he tries a turn-and-shoot, but his effort has no sting and keeper collects.

54′ Corner-kick to Zim, cleared.

53′ Woodwork!!! Nyahwa is fouled just outside the box and directly to the goal. Sarupinda steps up and bends it but the rising shot goes straight to hit the bar.

52′ Yellow card to Kamberipa (NAM).

47′ Big Chance!!!! Mucheto beats his markers before delivering a cross which is partially cleared. The ball falls on Sarupinda who controls it from twelve yards out but terribly shoots wide with all the space to him.

46′ Nam Sub: Handura replaces Fredrick, Gurirab replaces Papama.


44′ Freekick to Namibia, taken into the box and Karuru heads it away.

42′ A great run by Muchato before he releases the ball to Matare and sets up Musaka who tries from a range but his shot goes wide.

35′ Free-kick to Namibia in a good position, taken to the goal and Arubi saves it. The keeper quickly releases the ball for a counter attack and Matare beats his markers to break freely into the box. However the forward loses his footing to waste a good opportunity.

31′ Free-kick to Zim, Amini takes it into the box but the ball is cleared away for safety.

29′ Kampindu breaks away and tries to connect a high through ball but his header has little power and Arubi comfortably picks it.

25′ Zim gets another freekick in a good position. Sarupinda takes it into the box but it’s cleared.

22′ Freekick to Zim, Mucheto takes it long into the box, looking for Karuru and Sarupinds at the backpost. Keeper reads it well and rises higher to catch the ball.

17′ Corner-kick to Zim, taken long into the box but keeper punches it away. Danger not cleared, Matare picks the ball on the edge of the box and sets up Karuru who crosses the ball back but keeper collects.

13′ Limbondi breaks away and picks a through pass before trying to curl the ball home from a wide angle. The effort is on target but Arubi out stretches to parry it away for corner-kick which results in a goal kick.

10′ Yellow Card to Fredericks (Nam) after fouling Sarupinda from some 40 yards out. Free-kick to Zim and Karuru sets up Mucheto who hits straight into the wall.

7′ Sarupinda with the first real chance at goal. He cuts through before releasing a shot from a range but the ball takes a slight deflection and misses the target by inches. Corner kick is taken into the box and Karuru’s header goes over.

4′ Sarupinda is fouled near the centre circle in Namibia half. Free-kick taken short but the cross into the box finds no takers and the ball goes out.

1′ Zimbabwe get the game underway, attacking from right to left.

Namibia XI: Kazupa, Kamberipa, Hambira, Petrus, Gebhardt, Fredricks, Katjiteo, Papama, Stephaus, Limpondi, Kambindu.

Warriors XI: Arubi, Mucheto, Amini, Nyahwa, Mavhurume, Dzingai, Musaka, Sarupinda, Karuru, Hachiro, Matare.


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