Musona set to be first arrival in Ghana

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Warriors captain Knowledge Musona will be the first player to arrive in Ghana for the World Cup qualifier on Saturday.

The ‘Smiling Assassin’, fresh from scoring a brilliant goal for Al Tai in Saudi Arabia this past weekend, will be the first player to arrive in the West African country, when he touches down today.

Team Manager Wellington Mpandare said the technical team, as well as locally-based players in the squad, will leave depart Harare for South Africa tomorrow, then connect to Ghana.

“We are leaving tomorrow and arriving same day. We are linking up with South African-based players in including (Thabani) Kamusoko, in Johannesburg,” he said.

“Knowledge (Musona) is arriving in Ghana today. The rest will arrive tomorrow while Teanage will be the last to arrive, on the 6th,” added Mpandare.