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SRC declined FIFA directive to lift the ban: ZIFA board

The suspended ZIFA board has claimed that the Sports and Recreation Commission ignored FIFA’s directive that instructed them to lift the ban before 3 January.

The Felton Kamambo-led executive was suspended on 16 November by the SRC on several charges, chief among them failure to account for public funds.

The FA then launched an appeal at FIFA, as it sought to nullify the ban.

The world football governing body responded and revealed that it found no proof in the allegations raised by the commission.

FIFA gave SRC until 3 January to reverse the suspension, or the nation would face potential sanctions.

The commission was also instructed to dissolve the Restructuring Committee it had appointed.

However, the SRC remained unfazed and upheld its sanction against the FA’s board.

In a statement, ZIFA’s executive confirmed: “ZIFA wishes to inform the nation that the SRC had, by end of day on 3rd of January 2022, not removed their illegal suspension as prescribed by FIFA in their letter of 22 December 2021.”

The association also expressed doubts over the legitimacy of the 27 Zifa councillors who reportedly called for an EGM.

“Instead and interestingly, the board has seen a yet to be verified and from an unknown source, a purported request for an EGM from allegedly 27 ZIFA congress delegates whose agenda is, among other things, to prefer some charges and possibly revocation if found guilty to the ZIFA executive committee,” the statement added.

FIFA will now move the matter to the Bureau of FIFA Council for consideration and decision.

This would attract sanctions to the local football, and the national team could be banned from participating at the Afcon 2021 this week.

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