Update on Alvin ‘Aluvha’ Zhakata’s health condition

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Warriors super fan Alvin ‘Aluvah’ Zhakata has posted an update on his condition after he collapsed due to heart issues.

Aluvha travelled to Cameroon to cheer the Warriors and remained behind to follow the remainder of the tournament after Norman Mapeza’s charges were eliminated in the group stage.

He collapsed on Wednesday after attending the game between Morocco and Malawi and was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a heart problem.

In an update posted on Social Media, Aluvha has confirmed he is suffering from a heart problem and is still in the hospital.

“Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and wishes,” he tweeted. “(I’m) Totally overwhelmed with the love and support I got during this bout of illness.

“The outpouring of love was the best medicine imaginable.

“Sadly, my heart is failing, but the doctors are still carrying out tests to come out with the actual diagnosis.”