Does Kurt Zouma really deserve the punishment he got?

Anyone who has been following football for the past 10 years will know the following;

There was a time when Eden Hazard kicked Charlie Morgan, a ball boy, during a tense Capital One Cup semi-final between Chelsea and Swansea City at the Liberty Stadium.

The only punishment the Belgian ace got was a 3-match ban, despite that incident being one of the most regrettable in the history of football.

There was also a time when Luis Suarez was found guilty of using racist language directed at Patrice Evra, during a Premier League game between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield.

The Uruguayan was banned for eight matches and fined only £40 000.

More recently, Harry Maguire was found guilty of assault and bribery in Greece. He is free and still the captain of Manchester United.

But for kicking a cat, Kurt Zouma was fined a whooping £250 000, adidas revoked his sponsorship and there are suggestions that West Ham should terminate the defender’s contract.

While Zouma’s actions cannot be condoned, is the punishment fair?

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22 thoughts on “Does Kurt Zouma really deserve the punishment he got?

  1. Many football players have been caught for racism and played football afterwards like nothing had happen… so why him

  2. I dont think it’s about kicking his cat, he is not the first one to be on the wrong side. Justice!

  3. Its not a fair punishment, what he did was wrong but the punishment doesnt reflect the offence

  4. Completely justified. If this was what he was doing on camera, those cats would have suffered more abuse from him off camera. Plus, his abuse took place in front of his young child, this is how animal cruelty is passed on down generations. He is supposed to be a role model that young people look up to. His punishment must give the message that it is NOT OK to abuse animals, no matter how wealthy or famous you are. £250k is just two weeks wages for him so is not a harsh punishment for him. Loosing his career or facing criminal procedures may make him, and those that follow him, think twice before they inflict pain and suffering on defenceless animals for entertainment.

  5. Nike did not revoke Hazard’s sponsorship for kicking a little boy, so for adidas to do just that to Zouma for kicking a cat, is ironic.

    1. Go watch the video. It was a 17-year old and son of the opposing team’s owner. The ball-boy was laying on top of the ball to delay time so hazard lightly kicked the ball out without touching the ball-boy. The ball ball-boy just acted and pretended to be hurt. If you think that is comparable to abusing a defenseless animal that has nowhere to run, you are delusional.

  6. I certainly do not support what he did, animal abuse is something not justifiable, however the punishment was a little extreme

  7. Those thinking the punishment is racist, please think again. The UK has a huge majority who have compassion for human and animal alike. Animal welfare laws have recently been overhauled and tightened because that is what the voters wanted.
    In Zim the law is not as strict.
    Think on, my friends, £250,000 to a multimillionaire is comparable to $5 to the average Zim wage.

    As an earlier poster commented. Kurt is a role model to thousands of children, kids emulate role models. Kids do what they see parents doing. Would you sooner have your children playing at Kurt Zouma’s house or Marcus Rashford’s home?

  8. I encourage readers to actually go and watch the Eden Hazard “kicking the ball-boy” video before taking this article’s word for it. Saying it was one of the “most regrettable in the history of football” is shameful. He did not kick the ball-boy who was 17 and the son of the opposing team’s owner. The ball-boy was trying to burn the clock by laying on top of the ball so Hazard gently kicked it out without touching the ball-boy who pretended to be hurt. I am not of Hazard or Chelsea fan but the ball-boy was clearly trying to cheat and act hurt.

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