Shift of power at ZIFA as Congress becomes the supreme decision makers

The ZIFA Councillors have agreed to transfer some powers of the ZIFA Executive to congress following a meeting held on Saturday in Harare.

The congress, which is made up of sixty councillors, will become the supreme decision-making body of ZIFA, while the executive board will report to them.

The shift of power comes after the SRC suspended the Felton-Kamambo-led committee for maladministration and incompetence. Congress supported the suspension, though it attracted sanctions from FIFA, who claimed government interference.

Addressing reporters after the meeting, ZIFA Northern Region Chairman Martin Kweza said:

“The meeting was about separating the powers between the executive committee, the congress and the secretariate.

“What came out from this meeting is that the Congress is the supreme decision-making body of ZIFA, and the executive will report to them.”

Kweza also revealed that the councillors have agreed to hold the Extra-ordinary General Meeting (EGM), which was initially annulled by FIFA.

The EGM was supposed to happen in January, but the world football body instructed congress to hold it after three months as per the ZIFA constitution.

“The members have overwhelmingly agreed that the EOM we called for will go ahead. We are just waiting for the ninety days to lapse on 3 April,” the Northern Region boss added.

“On the following day, 4 April, we will call for an EGM in terms of the ZIFA constitution. This will lead us to have our meeting on the 23rd.”

On the FIFA sanctions, Kweza said: “The suspension did not suspend the ZIFA constitution and the local competitions.

“This is what is giving us the drive to hold our EGM and come up with resolutions that we hope FIFA will accept.”

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