Action as it happened: Castle Lager Premiership Matchday 9

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Follow our live coverage of the Castle Lager Premiership Matchday 9 action.


Harare City 0-2 Dynamos

90+1′ Yellow card to Antonio.

90′ Two minutes added.

86′ Dynamos Sub: Jalai replaces Murwira.

80′ Freekick to Dynamos, Murwira takes it into the box but Makarati heads the ball off target.

79′ Dynamos Sub: Makunike replaces Paga.

73′ Paga threads a through ball to Katema, who has options to continue the build up but he decides to go for goal and his shot is blocked.

69′ Free kick to City in a good position. Zinyama takes it but sends his effort over.

68′ City Sub: Chipangura, January replace Rupiya, Masunda.

63′ Goal!!! Mpofu receives a cut back from Antonio and buries it to double Dynamos’ lead, 2-0.

58′ City Sub: Tumba replaces Mandiranga.

55′ Goal!!! Murwira sends in the dead ball and Makarati jumps high to head the effort past the keeper, 1-0.

55′ Freekick to Dynamos just outside the box after a handball. Murwira behind it.

52′ Yellow Card to Ziocha (City).

51′ Nyahwa breaks away after a through ball is threaded towards him. The keeper, however, comes out to thwart the danger.

49′ Dynamos Sub: Katema, Mpofu replace Kawondera, Orotomal.

47′ Big Chance!!! Rupiya receives the ball inside the box from a free-kick. He cools it down and hits a half volley but the keeper does well to save the effort.


45′ One minute added.

40′ Still goalless with City now resorting to defend, while Dynamos are failing to deliver clear cut chances.

36′ Yellow Card to Nyahwa (Dynamos).

30 Murwira tries from a range but the effort goes off target.

25′ Big Chance, Orotomal gets the ball inside the box. He chests down the cross and hits a lovely volley but keeper is there to tip over the ball.

21′ Free-kick to Dynamos, keeper collects.

15′ Still goalless after the quarter hour mark.

11′ Muvirimi tries from a range but shoots off target.

10′ Dynamos dominating the early pace in the game.

6′ Play temporarily stopped as Nyahwa is down injured.

5′ Antonio squares the ball to an unmarked Kawondera who fails to pack his shot properly and City clear their lines. That was a good chance gone begging.

1′ Kick-off!!!

City XI: Shangwa, Chapusha, Dzvinyai, Zambezi, Muvirimi, Mujuru, Masunda, Rupiya, Ziocha, Zinyama, Mandiranga.

Dynamos XI: Mvula, Appiah, Nyahwa. Makarati, Orotomal, Mavunga, Muringai, Murwira, Kawondera, Paga, Antonio.

Highlanders 3-0 Yadah

80′ Goal!!! Navaya makes it three for Highlanders.

22′ Goal!!! Masuku doubles Highlanders lead.

10′ Goal!!! Lynoth Chikuhwa heads in to open the scoring for Highlanders.

1′ Kick-off!!!

Highlanders XI: A. Sibanda, Tandi, Kutsanzira, Mhindirira, Chikuwa, Masuku, Mbeba, Silla, Muduhwa, Ngala, Ndlovu.

Yadah XI:  Chiminga, Mucheto, Mhlanga, Shandirwa, Mhembere, Matema, Gahadzikwa, Mutaya, Manenji, Mandivei, Binzi.

Manica Diamonds 0-0 FC Platinum

90′ FCP Sub: Banda, Onifade replace Moyo, Ngwenya.

83′ FCP Sub: Makumbe replaces Mutimbanyiko.

81′ Manica Sub: Moyo replaces Manhanga.

76′ Yellow Card to Manhanga (Manica).

58′ Manica Sub: Mugumwa replaces Katongomara.

51′ Manica Sub: Vundla replaces Teguru.

36′ FCP Sub: Chinyerere replaces Mangiza.

25′ Yellow card to Chikwenya (Manica Diamonds FC).

4′ Yellow card to Masibera (Manica Diamonds FC).

1′ Kick-off!!!

Manica XI: Rayners, Chikwenya, Chakoroma, Mafirenyika, Ndlovu, Masibera, Manhanga, Teguru, Katongomara, Chintuli, Dhuwa.

FCP XI: Mhari, Mbweti, Bello, Mhlanga, Mangiza, Pavari, Moyo, Teguru, Mutimbanyoka, Musona, Ngwenya.

WhaWha 2-3 Cranborne Bullets