Efforts to revive Motor Action underway

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Former Motor Action owner Eric Rosen’s wife, Liz, has revealed that she is working on reviving the club, eight years after it was dissolved.

The Mighty Bulls, who won the 2010 Championship, faced financial difficulties which led to their relegation in 2013. The side later folded and sold their Division One franchise.

Speaking to the Herald, Liz said they are already renovating Motor Action Sports Club and will assemble a team soon.

“We would want to bring back Motor Action,” she said. “It is all in the pipeline, whether as an academy or we will come back starting from the lower divisions, we will look for a franchise, that is for sure.

“That will come to fruition as soon as we complete the renovations here, we will then start looking into that.

“We have the passion and we believe God will help us as well. We surely want to bring Motor Action back on its feet.

“I have a good feeling about it and obviously sweet memories about it as well so the right thing will be to bring the team back.”