Soccer 24 is recruiting- come join us!

Soccer 24 is looking for a Head of Business/Operations Manager. Soccer 24 is a subsidiary of Controvert Services whose other subsidiaries include Techzim, Pindula and Pindual News. As a group we believe in cultivating a sense of ownership in all our employees, giving them the support, resources, and autonomy to enable them to succeed.

Who are we looking for?

An ideal candidate must:

  • Be a curious person who loves learning and is not too in love with their own ideas
  • Have business acumen and be interested in businesses that operate on the internet
  • Be a leader
  • Have at least an interest in football
  • Have at least an interest in digital media i.e publishing online, videos, podcasting etc
  • Be a creative business thinker who is not afraid to experiment and try new ideas

What’s the job?

This individual will lead our whole operation and help our teams succeed with a high level of autonomy. They will report to the Group CEO. Some of the responsibilities they will have include:

  • Offering leadership and guidance to our content creators
  • Leading product development and roll out
  • Being accountable for business sustainability and growth
  • Leading in developing Soccer 24 strategy in line with the group’s strategic direction
  • Strengthening the Soccer 24 brand and growing the community around it

How to apply?

Send us an email at In your email tell us the following:

  • Why you are a fit for this role and for Soccer24
  • Three things that frustrate you about Soccer 24 right now and how you would tackle them. Please don’t send us a thesis, one short paragraph for each item is enough.
  • Please DO NOT send us a CV. Emails with CVs attached will be automatically disqualified.

Please note that we are a fully remote company meaning you will be working from home or wherever you like working from really. However, this is not a freelancer gig, it is a full time job.

Applications close on Friday the 13th of May 2022.

Good luck!

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