Mahachi scandal discussed in The Senate, government urged to take action

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The Kuda Mahachi scandal, in which the Warriors star is being accused of child abuse, has attracted interest of The Senate.

Mahachi is being accused of scalding his 4-year old son Diego Mahachi with hot water, resulting in the minor child suffering severe burns.

Opposition politician Senator Morgen Komichi urged government to take action on the issue and bring the perpetrators to book.

“We have a very serious case involving a minor child, called Diego Mahachi, who is 4 years of age and suffered the misfortune of being scalded with hot water. He suffered severe burns,” said Komichi in The Senate yesterday.

“The boy is said to have been burnt at his father and stepmother’s house in South Africa. His real mother was here in Zimbabwe and the child was smuggled back into the country by a malayitsha and crossed the boarder illegally.

“This is extreme child abuse. The first crime deserves death- treating a child in that manner. My question is; as government, what can you do to bring the perpetrators of this crime and the people behind the suffering of this child, to book?,” he added.