Official: Kundai Benyu’s transfer confirmed by new club in Europe

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Warriors midfielder Kundai Benyu’s transfer has officially been confirmed by his new club in the Icelandic topflight, ÍBV Knattspyrna.

Benyu is joining the side from Vestra on a contract until 2023.

A statement by ÍBV reads: “Zimbabwean national team player Kundai Benyu has signed a contract with ÍBV and will play with the team until the season 2023.

“Kundai joins the team from Vestra where he played with a good reputation last season, he is a 24-year-old midfielder…

“Kundai has played five games for the Zimbabwean national team and he is very excited to get to the Westman Islands and start a game with the team in the Best.

“ÍBV would like to welcome Kundai to the team and we are very much looking forward to the collaboration.”

Benyu will be registered as an ÍBV player when the Icelandic transfer window opens on June 29.