Mahachi sneaks into Zimbabwe, awaiting trial on child abuse allegations

Warriors midfielder Kudakwashe Mahachi is currently in Zimbabwe and awaiting trial for the child abuse allegations he is facing, Soccer24 has gathered.

The SuperSport United midfielder is being accused of scalding his 4-year son Diego Mahachi, with hot water, allegations he is denying.

He was suspended by the Pretoria-based side and advised to attend to the issue, which has generated a lot of debate on social media.

Soccer24 understands Mahachi arrived in Zimbabwe 8 days ago and is in Bulawayo but has not been seen in public because those close to him fear mob justice.

Mahachi’s ex-wife, Maritha Ndlovu, accuses the diminutive winger and his wife Rose, of scalding the minor child while he was in South Africa.

6 thoughts on “Mahachi sneaks into Zimbabwe, awaiting trial on child abuse allegations

  1. I think people should now start referring to Kuda as former Warriors player. Seriously is Kuda still a warrior with this scandal he is facing??? Look, his team Supersport were quick to suspended him because of the nature of allegations he is facing, so why are still associating him with the warriors?? Remember, we learnt that he the causer of division among national team players when in camp due to his tribalistic tendencies?? Kuda should be fully condemned for what he did and what he is (ie a tribal lunatic who abused his own child in such a way)

    1. Y do u judge b4 knowing da truth.The x is bitter and just want to see Kuda down bcoz he left her for another woman.

      1. How do you know that yourself? You seem to know the truth that others don’t know. But you have also judged which you said others should not do kkkkkk

  2. Kuda is not telling his side of the story why ???Besides denying the allegations he is not giving key answers to the story 1 . Is he denying his son was brought by a malaicha if so why
    2 was there a problem between him and his son and his
    3 why was he sending his son back home
    Kudya pliz come clean or you will end up in Khami l tell you Zimbabwe will not let you free as you think vanokuita kanyama kanyama so better if you are not clean tiza hako nehupenyu hwako

  3. Iwe anonymous kwana whether the ex wife is bitter but who burnt the child those were clear burns that were now very septic.Mbuya waMahachi was interviewed said it sezwazwiri.Who burnt the child tell us ma video ema salt pagumbo remwana tikumawona mwana running around the house naked with bandages are circulating gross child abuse no underwear aaah

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