‘One needs USD40k per month to run CAPS United, do you have it?’ Jere challenges potential buyers

CAPS United president Farai Jere has challenged anyone who thinks has the financial muscle to run the Green Machine, to come forward and take over.

The Harare businessman has been for the past few  weeks under increasing pressure from football stakeholders to sell the club, amid an ongoing financial crisis which has seen them losing six consecutive league games.

CAPS fans insulted Jere and his deputy Nhamo Tutisani after the 0-3 defeat to arch-rivals Dynamos in the Harare derby, accusing the duo of not wanting to sell the club.

Jere rubbished suggestions of him refusing to put the club up for sale, describing it as ‘bar talk’.

“If there is anyone who has money, ask them to come and approach me, I’m prepared to give them the team,” an irate Jere told the media yesterday.

“The number of people who have approached me, whom I’m seeing come out in the newspapers, the moment they ask me how much do you need per month to run CAPS United, I tell them you need USD40 000 per month and they don’t come back.

“All the people who are talking nonsense, I can even give them this team for free but they have to prove to me that they have at least USD40 000 every month, to be able to run that team.

“People who will be talking in pubs, drinking beer and trying to impress their friends that they have money. That thing (CAPS United) is a monster, it’s a big thing which requires very serious money to be able to run it.

Jere challenged anyone who thinks has the money to run the Green Machine, to come forward.

” I’m challenging them. There was a time when even my partner (Tutisani) said in the paper that we are selling CAPS United, who came? That’s pub talk,” he said.

“For nearly 20 years, I have constantly put money into this team. I’m not a small boy. People will be just talking trying to impress girls that they have money, the moment they come and I show them how much is needed to run the club per month, they don’t come back.

“We are not talking about someone who just has some money, we are talking about consistency and sustainability. I have run CAPS United since 2004, this is 2022 and that is the consistency and I’m very proud of that.

” I can even let go of this team for free, as long as the person proves to me that he has the money to sustain it, and we are talking about at least USD40 000 a month, I want due diligence because I love CAPS United,” added Jere.




2 thoughts on “‘One needs USD40k per month to run CAPS United, do you have it?’ Jere challenges potential buyers

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  2. Happy to see that CAPS fans were quick to come out and attack Jere and Nhamo Tutisani after the team’s loss in the Harare derby, with many accusing the duo of not wanting to sell the club. Jere has since rubbished these claims, stating that he is more than willing to sell the club if someone comes forward with the right offer. It’s clear that CAPS United is a team in turmoil at the moment, and it will be interesting to see how this situation develops in the coming weeks.

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