Castle Lager Premiership match interrupted for 40 minutes after goalposts fell

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The Castle Lager Premiership matchday 19 encounter between Manica Diamonds and Bulawayo City had a forty-minute stoppage in the second half after the goalposts fell.

The incident happened at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare on Sunday.

City’s goalkeeper, Reward Muza, crashed on the post as he tried to save a shot from the hosts.

The hit weakened the top joint causing the post and the crossbar to fall.

A lengthy stoppage followed as the groundsmen and club officials tried to fix the joint while the medical team attended to the injured goalkeeper.

The match only resumed after 35 minutes as City fought to preserve their 1-0 lead, thanks to Dalubuhle Dlodlo’s first-half strike.

This is not the first time the stadium has attracted criticism for its poor standards.

Just last week Sakubva was condemned for its poor pitch which had large patches of mud.

The venue also had blackened terraces, possibly due to exposure to rain and non-maintenance.

The Mutare facility was among the stadiums that were initially deemed unfit to host league matches ahead of the start of the season.

The ground only received approval in the second round of inspection.