I don’t want that: Mapeza condemns time-wasting tactics by FCP goalkeeper

FC Platinum coach Norman Mapeza has condemned time wasting tactics and even singled out his own player for criticism.

Goalkeeper Wallace Magalane appeared to be taking too long to dispatch a goal kick in the Platinum miners’ 2-0 win over Harare City on Friday, something which Mapeza deplored after the game.

He said: “I know football and I know the calibre of players we are dealing with these days. You need to make them stay on their toes.”

“It won’t be nothing much, it’s just about reminding that now it’s time to go forward, now we need to defend, now we need to shift, now we need to press, nothing much.

“In the last few minutes, Wallace was taking some few seconds to distribute the ball and sometimes you get an unnecessary booking because of that.

“The moment you put the ball down and take a few steps backwards, you need to make a decision because if he does delay and the other technical team starts to complain, you get booked for that.

“So I want don’t want that. I don’t want anyone to fall down. If you are not injured, don’t fall down, keep going. If you feel like you are injured then go down, why take time because we are leading 2-0 and you want to lie down, for what? For me I don’t think that’s necessary,” added Mapeza.

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