Zim EPL stars’ annual net incomes set to rise

Marvelous Nakamba and Jordan Zemura’s net incomes are set to rise after a decision to cut the highest tax rate and national insurance.

According to The Times, the UK government has reduced the highest tax bracket (annual earnings over £150,000) from 45% down to 40.

Nakamba’s earnings are believed to be around £1,690,000 per year after signing a contract with Aston Villa in 2019.

With the latest tax cut, the Zimbabwean midfielder’s annual net income will rise by around £90,000.

Bournemouth’s Zemura is currently among the lowest paid players in the EPL, and his salary is outside the highest tax bracket.

But with talks of a new deal underway, the Warriors international could also benefit from the tax reform should he gets something better.

Top earners like Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo are expected to have a £1.3m rise.

According to one Premier League chief, the tax cuts will attract more foreign stars.

The chief told the publication: “Tax can be an issue when negotiating transfers, as players want to know their net income, so I’m sure the tax cut will make the Premier League more attractive.”

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