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Samuel Eto’o responds to claims that Cameroon wants to use juju at WC 2022

Cameroon’s Football Federation president Samuel Eto’o has responded to claims by a French radio station, RFI, suggesting that the Indomitable Lions are planning to use black magic against their opponents at World Cup.

The radio station said that a spiritualist known as Nji Ousseni, confirmed several players of the Indomitable Lions have visited his shrine for help.

“As the World Cup approaches, several Indomitable Lions players are resorting to witchcraft, magic, marabouts with the aim of destabilizing their opponents. Everyone wants to be selected or to be a holder.

“Thus for important competitions such as the World Cup or the African Cup of Nations, players often call on my services to invoke the gods in order to disturb the opponent,” said Ousseni to RFI.

Eto’o has dismissed the report and demanded an apology from the radio station.

“These remarks are not only lies but also represent an insult to all these generations of players who have won competitions thanks to their efforts in club and within selections,” Eto’o said in a statement.

“It is, moreover, totally ridiculous to claim that animals would be sacrificed in stadiums in the 21st century. Writing it when you haven’t seen it is fiction. Be that as it may, this process is unworthy of the reference media that is Radio France International.”

The Indomitable Lions are in Group G and will face Brazil, Switzerland, and Serbia.

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