Is this the end of the road for Nakamba?

Reality is starting to catch up with Marvelous Nakamba.

The Warriors midfielder’s lack of game time at Aston Villa has been sanitised throughout the 2022-23 season but maybe an honest conversation on the situation, is needed.

Will Nakamba be at Aston Villa next season?

The Hwange-bred midfield enforcer has not featured for the Midlands side this campaign and his absence from the Villa match day squad yesterday has for the umpteenth time, fuelled speculation that he might be shown the exit door.

Villa fans were in dream land yesterday, as freshly-recruited manager Unai Emery’s tenure started with an impressive 3-1 victory over Manchester United at Villa Park.

The claret and blue had last beaten United at home in the Premier League, 27 years ago.

Emery’s arrival had raised hopes of Nakamba perhaps finding his way back into the Villa team but the Spaniard,  just like caretaker coach Aaron Danks last week, did not include the Zimbabwean midfielder in his match day squad.

Morgan Sanson, another midfielder who was frozen out by Gerrard, took part in yesterday’s win over United.

If Nakamba doesn’t feature for Villa in the Carabao Cup at Old Trafford on Thursday, perhaps the writing will now be on the wall for the former Club Brugge man.

But how is he handling the situation?

“Look, Marve is a professional, he is one of the first players to arrive the Bodymoor Health (Aston Villa training ground) so he is focused on fighting his way back into the team,” a source close to Nakamba who asked not to be named, told Soccer24.

“He is still contracted to the club and he is still their player, that is the most important part. So he has got an equal chance to force his way back into the team.

“The new manager (Emery) is giving every player a chance and Marve (Nakamba) is no execption,” the source added.

6 thoughts on “Is this the end of the road for Nakamba?

  1. Mr Editor
    Reliable sources have revealed to me that everything is POLITICAL. The Zimbabwean government is supporting Russia at a time when the US and EU are against it. Marvellous visited, was pictured with and shared on social media all about his visit to the State House. The EU thinks he funds some functionaries from his earnings and the only way is to frustrate him as punishment. From being a Player of the Month to not even being good enough for the bench speaks volumes especially when he was not given a run after his return from injury. The caretaker coach overlooked him as well and now the new coach?
    The same is also happening to Jordan Zemura and the truth is that it can only get worse.

    1. Skaaf man has been a downfall for Nakamba, his aligance with the President has cost him his career no going back now for the lad,

      1. It is a pity that he now feels unloved, his confidence levels drop and so does his performance even in training. A source says its a directive from the top so we wait and see if his fortunes change soon but these frustrations are meant for him to push for an exit either this January or in the summer which, for the club, will be good riddance.
        All we can say is All the Best to Him.

    1. Yaaa that could be a contributing factor but I beg to differ. Our brother thought he was there yet yet he needed more tym to keep on pushing, worse when he changed his manager and appointed a night club friend who is a nurse to be his new manager. Allegations are that our own now spents more tym galavanting with the new nurse from one pub to another. I m his fan and pray that he realises this and gets back to business. The new manager is destroying him. Lately he bought a Ferrari sport

  2. Nakamba need to work more on his game.Dude is good at marking and tackles but he cannot distribute the ball.He has to learn to push the ball forward,that is his weekness and with that he will not be a good mid fielder.

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