Tatenda Mkuruva blasts American league after failing to win Golden Glove Award

Tatenda Mkuruva has blasted the National Independent Soccer Association after the football body snubbed him for the Golden Glove Award.

Mkuruva, who plays for third-tier club Michigan Stars, was among the favourites to clinch the honour but lost to Cal United goalkeeper Jean Antoine at the League’s awards ceremony held on Thursday.

The Zimbabwean goalie feels he was robbed after making eleven clean sheets in the regular season and three more in the play-offs. He also helped his team to their maiden league championship.

On the other hand, Antoine had twelve clean sheets in the regular campaign but failed to keep one in the play-offs.

In a series of tweets, Mkuruva slammed the organisers of the awards and declared he will boycott future events.

He tweeted: “Only in @NISALeague where someone with 14 clean sheets and a championship doesn’t deserve the golden glove.”

Mkuruva added: “Now i see why @NISALeague wasn’t even posting my saves the whole first round of the season. #shame

“Please @NISALeague don’t ever include me in any of your awards ,past ,present and future. #Respectfully”

Meanwhile, the league title is Mkuruva’s first silverware since arriving in the United States of America three years ago.

However, the championship triumph doesn’t guarantee the team a promotion to the next tier as the American football leagues are not linked by the system of promotion and relegation typical in soccer elsewhere.

Pic Credit: Facebook/Tatenda Mkuruva 

4 thoughts on “Tatenda Mkuruva blasts American league after failing to win Golden Glove Award

  1. This is clear racism. Mkuruva was a victim of racial discrimination. I think if our country get financially strong our players would play here at home than to go where you they won’t be appreciated after doing something great.

  2. Yah this is racism for sure but don’t be disturbed by that keep working hard and leave everything in God’s hands

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