“I have lost everything I worked for”: Mahachi pours heart out on child abuse allegations after being acquitted

Warriors star Kudakwashe Mahachi has poured his heart out on the child abuse allegations he was facing, describing the last seven months as a nightmare.

The diminutive midfielder was accused by his ex-wife Maritha Ndlovu of scalding their 4-year old son Diego, with hot water.

Mahachi, who whose contract with SuperSport United was not renewed because of the scandal, was acquitted of the child abuse and attempted murder charges at the Bulawayo Magistrate Courts on Friday —as the state cited contradictory and disjointed evidence by key witnesses.

The former Chicken Inn star, in a statement released today, detailed the nightmare he went through to finally get justice.

“On Friday, the 25th of November, after 7 months, I was acquitted on two very serious criminal allegations of attempted murder and child abuse,” reads the statement.

“During these past 7 months, I saw my whole world turn upside down. I was dismissed from my club (SuperSport United) with immediate effect with no income, I was vilified by a nation that I once was the football darling of and my fate was sealed on social media without a trial.

“During these 7 months, I lost everything I lived for. 7 months of being shunned by even those that I played alongside, 7 months of death threats, 7 months of depression, the list can go on.

“My son Diego was a victim of negligence at the hands of my family members who were meant to look after him at my home in Bulawayo.

“Diego was diagnosed with Ulcer Sepsis Necrotic (the so-called ‘flesh-eating disease’, which is a rare but serious infection.

“I am not just a heartbroken man. I am pained man by what happened to my son and how I was accused of attempting to kill him despite reports from medical experts.

“No one cared to give me a chance, no one cared to give me the benefit of doubt.

“I was accused of using my 4-year old son for rituals.

“I lost everything I worked for. All my savings have been depleted in my quest for justice.

“Yes I have been exonerated but the nightmare I have gone through can never be erased. I have had my mother’s grave destroyed, my house has been broken into and robbed of everything. I can only pray that someone out there is willing to take a chance of me, so that I can go back to playing the sport I love and finish my career without this torrid time being how I exit the beautiful game of football,” noted Mahachi.

7 thoughts on ““I have lost everything I worked for”: Mahachi pours heart out on child abuse allegations after being acquitted

  1. We love u Kuda I know the feeling I are going through but remember it’s just a phase it shall come to pass brother stay strong I have been there

  2. I salute u Kuda ,you are strong ,we love keep on keeping ,We are praying for u .

  3. This is really painful you know ,what a sad story,I can feel the pain too as a parent,but on this issue I can not blame Mahachi or Ex wife cause seems like both of you don’t really know what happened,Kuda even if you say u were accused by your Ex wife I don’t think that a Mother can do that to her own child ,if you say you didn’t do it then find out do all investigations and prove your innocence and justify upon your child cause if you don’t do that it’s gonna be your worst nightmare wish you best in your career all shall be well but first deal with this issue

  4. This is so painful, people can judge as if they are perfect instead of waiting for the law to take it’s cause. This boy is broken his fellow footballer also turned against him. Be strong only God will raise you up and bless you with more than you had. These were just material things, God bless you 🙏

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