Chibadura’s family seek legal advice for song ‘stolen’ for FIFA World Cup

The family of John Chibadura, has reportedly approached the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) seeking legal advice on the alleged illegal use of the late Sungura ace’s hit song as a soundtrack for the FIFA World Cup.

Mr Chitungwiza, as Chibadura was affectionately known in the music circles, died aged 42 in 1999 after a stellar career which saw him become one of the greatest musicians ever produced in Zimbabwe.

Lifestyle tabloid H-Metro reports that Chibadura’s hit song Mudiwa Janet, from the album Reggae Hits released in 1989, is being used by SuperSport TV, one of the official broadcasters of the World Cup in Qatar, without the family’s consent.

Chibadura’s son, Simba, who has revived the late icon’s band Tembo Brothers, confirmed to the publication that the family has approached ZIMURA over the issue, because it was neither engaged or paid for the song.

“We have listened to the sound with other family members and we were really shocked at how it ended up being used without our knowledge,” he said.

“WE took the matter seriously after receiving a call from ZIMURA officials that our father’s song was being used as a sound track and we were in the dark.

“Our elder sister, Isabel is the one handling the issue and she has since written a formal complaint to ZIMURA but is yet to submit it,” Simba added.

31 thoughts on “Chibadura’s family seek legal advice for song ‘stolen’ for FIFA World Cup

  1. they must be paid and also it’s corruption there why internationally without owner’s concerns

    1. Yes the family must be paid. When I heard the sound track I knew that this music is familiar it is a product of Zimbabwe. Stop corruption. If FIFA payed ZIMMusic association it means someone has already pocketed the money.

  2. Does the family own the rights of this song? Chances are maybe one of zimbabwe’s music labels has rights to Chibaduras music.

    1. Problem is most Zim music is unclaimed, check YouTube or Spotify, it’s all floating freely and even if you reload it, there are no copyright infringements.

  3. Obviously somebody out there got paid for the rights, internet people surrend🤔☺️😔

  4. Super sport should pay the Chibadura family for using Chibadura song without consent

  5. Of course the family must get paid,they can’t use the song without the family’s consent

  6. Chibadura family must be paid by supersports without fail,or someone has already been paid for that song

    1. The family must be paid hence there is need to engage a very professional and committed lawyer to pursue this case .

      1. The song is more than 30 years old.
        Copyright expired at 30. Go through guild lines governing copyright rights and piracy.

  7. The law can be an ass and provide many loopholes for thieves but there MUST be some way to enforce payment of the family…

  8. Ttbe problem is afrika is we fight each other instead of protecting each other…..we compete with each other instead of working together….instead of us helping our brothers get their pay some Wil be like they own the rights ?but deep down they Kno there are children who wea left behind …eeish afrika !

  9. I believe the the music should remain under the exploitation of the family for 70 years after the death of the song owner. John Chibadura is just done 30 to 40 years after his death do the family must engage Zipo and Aripo to enforce their claim.

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