Ayew’s daughter colapses after Black Stars captain’s penalty miss

One of Andre Ayew’s daughters was reportedly rushed to a hospital in Qatar, after she collapsed when the Ghana captain missed a penalty in the defeat to Uruguay yesterday.

The Black Stars were awarded a first half penalty and Ayew stepped up, but his effort from 12 years was saved by Uruguay goalkeeper Sergio Rocket.

One of the Al Saad star’s daughters, who is 7 seven years old, is reported to have collapsed and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Multiple reports in Ghana claim that Ayew had to go the hospital after the final whistle to check on his daughter, who is now recovering.

Ayew’s wife Yvonne Ayew, posted an update on her Instagram page.

“Thank you, our daughter is in the hospital
suffering to come be by her side. Sometimes we do not realize that player is a profession a passion, but that before all some are fathers and that it is a job that does not know absence, you must always answer present.

“Behind it all lies huge sacrifices and that as a
leader, captain, you have to take the good as the bad and take some burderns to prevernt others from carrying them, one of the reasons why they enjoy fighting difficult s are given to the most great soldiers, its their duty. Because if they don’t who will?

“Thank you for making us dream, taking us out of our daily lives, making us live an incredible experience. We have been and will continue to be very united, I hope we Africans, in his football moments and that’s what makes them even more magical. Thank you daddy.”

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