Can Maruwa handle the heat at Dynamos?

As has been confirmed, there is a new coach at Dynamos.

DeMbare appointment their fourth coach in the last 5 years, with Hebert Maruwa being the latest name in the once-glamorous Harare giants’ hiring and firing ideology.

Maruwa, was part of Kalisto Pasuwa’s technical team during the latter trailblazing tenure in the Dynamos dugout, during which he won four league titles in a row.

Jompano, as Maruwa is known in the football circles, replaces Tonderai Ndiraya, who was shown the exit door by the DeMbare hierarchy earlier this month.

“Dynamos Football Club is pleased to announce the appointment of a new technical team for the 2023 season. The club has, with immediate effect, appointed Hebert Maruwa as Head Coach of the senior team,” the club’s spokesperson Tinashe Farawo, announced in a statement yesterday.

Can Maruwa revive Dynamos?

DeMbare can now qualify to be described as a success-starved football club.

The Harare giants last won the the league title under Pasuwa in 2014 and Maruwa is the 5th man they have recruited to try and end the 8-year wait for the biggest club prize in the land.

They even at some point, made a mockery of the Dynamos institution, when they appointed Portuguese expatriate Paulo Jorge Silva —one of the biggest clowns to ever grace the local Premiership, as the club’s head coach.

Naturally, the blue half of the capital is divided over Maruwa’s appointment, with some fans believing the former Black Rhinos coach can restore the lost glamour, while others respectfuly disagree with the choice made by the Moses Maunganidze-led executive.

“Maruwa is a good choice, he might offer us something that has been lacking at Dynamos for years, attractive football,” said Harare-based Dynamos fan Isaac Zvomene.

While Zvomene is confident about Maruwa’s ability and cannot wait for the new season, Luke Paradzai, another Dynamos fan based in Harare, is skeptical.

“I’m not sure if Maruwa was the best choice. The Dynamos head coach post requires a proven winner and with respect to Maruwa, I just don’t believe he is the right man to lead us to the Promised Land,” said Paradzai.

While the debate of whether Maruwa is the right man or not can go on until the cows come home, there is one thing which is certain —he is the new Dynamos coach and whether he succeeds or not will depend on a number of factors.

The hard to please Dynamos fans need to be patient enough to let the coach implement his philosophy, even if it takes long. The fact that Sakunda is bankrolling Dynamos doesn’t translate to emmidiate success.

The Maunganidze-led executive, for Maruwa to succeed, needs to open the cheque book and buy the best players in the league, not to just wait for free agents, believes Zvomene.

“I’m really annoyed by the fact that we just wait for free agents and sign them. Why can’t we simply approach the best players in the league even when they are still under contract at their respective clubs, handiti mari yacho tinayo here,” said Zvomene.

“The coach’s philosophy needs to be supported by acquiring the players who suit it, and the club should simply buy,” he added.

Can Maruwa stand the heat?

Maruwa walked into the Lions’ Den when he agreed to be the next Dynamos coach.

The ever-demanding DeMbare faithful cannot handle loses and can bay for anyone’s blood when the chips are down.

Dynamos fans have over the years influenced the sacking of coaches and Maruwa will be no exception if things don’t go well.

The lighting fast rate at which they compose songs to show displeasure is frightening to say the least.

“Haubude nayo Ford, haubude”, was the new anthem for Dynamos fans whenever they waited for Ndiraya at stadium exits, blocking the youthful coach and making sure he wouldn’t drive the slick SUV issued by Sakunda out, before they could have a conversation.

Unfortunately for Marowa, he will be using the same car so the lyrics won’t change.

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