Morocco threatens to boycott CHAN 2022 in Algeria

The Moroccan FA (FRMF) has threatened to withdraw from the 2022 CHAN tournament that’s scheduled to take place in Algeria next month.

The two countries’ governments have a frosty relationship which has led Algeria closing its airspace to all Moroccan flights, adding to borders which it has kept closed since 1994.

Ahead of the tournament, the FRMF has now told the Confederation of African Football (CAF) that they will boycott the tournament if their national team is not allowed to have a direct flight to Constantine, where they will be based during the. tournament.

This decision was made at an executive board meeting on Tuesday evening.

Other reports have suggested that Cameroon is also considering boycotting the tournament due to lack of security guarantees for its players and fans following the heinous campaign waged by Algeria after its team was knocked down by Cameroun in World Cup qualifiers.

Meanwhile, the first match of the seventh edition of CHAN sees Algeria face Libya in Group A on January 13, with Morocco set to play Sudan two days later.


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