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Bunjira scoffs ZIFA for electricity jibe

The latest on the ZIFA circus is that they have postponed the upcoming EGM meeting set for October the 3rd on the grounds that there is no electricity and Water at the ZIFA Village.

The meeting was the one at which the current ZIFA board was expected to be booted out.

Caps United legend and current Communication Director Alois Bunjira took it to social media and laughed at ZIFA and their circus.

“So the ZIFA EGM that everyone in football waiting for has been cancelled. Everyone pinned their hopes on this EGM on 3 October that maybe it was the moment that the current ZIFA regime would be booted out…..But was cancelled.The REASON being???? Hanzi because there is no water and Electricity at ZIFA village….kkkkkk”, said Bunjira on Facebook.

He went on to wittingly ask why would they postpone on the basis of water as if people are coming to bath.

“Ko pane anga achida kugeza paEGM here?Ko pashaikwa anouya neGenerator??? Ko handiti vanhu vanongouya vageza uye vadya????? Ko kuVillage kwacho kusina mvura hakusiko kurikugara maMighty Warriors here??? Ha ndakanda mapfumo pasi.Zvangove zvemeso”, he added.

Literally translated as Is it that people are coming to the EGM to bath? Isnt there anyone with a generator??? And why is it that the Mighty Warriors are camped there.

Either way, ZIFA should take the Nation Seriously. Its certainly high time they pack and go.

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