Magaya says he will not run for ZIFA President

Prophet Walter Magaya of PHD Ministries has confirmed that he will not run for vacant ZIFA presidency office if given a chance.

Magaya has been the biggest sponsor of the Warriors in recent times and his name has being thrown around as a potential candidate to replace ousted Cuthbert Dube.

The man of cloth has proven time and time again of his passion for football, for the Warriors and the Mighty Warriors in Particular bailing them in time of need time and time again. Magaya is also in football Administration as the owner of Northern Region Division 1 outfit Gunners.

Magaya is also in the process of building a multi million multi sports facility in Harare which he intends to complete before the end of the year.

However in an interview with the Herald, Magaya who is currently in South Africa poured cold water on the claims saying his plate is full and cannot run in the ZIFA race.

“I will not take that offer to lead ZIFA, if given the opportunity, because I have enough on my plate at the moment,” Magaya told journalists in Pretoria.

“I am building a stadium, basketball court, swimming pool, volleyball court, running tracks (in Waterfalls). I want to promote sport at the highest level. We are going to employ sports administrators who are going to manage the facilities and coordinate all activities, including identifying talent and promoting it to its highest level.

“My desire is for the facility to send to the next Olympics, at least, 30 people who are very good in different sporting disciplines.

“I am building this facility mainly for the benefit of the community. I have discovered that Zimbabwe has a lot of talent, but we are failing to identify and promote it.

“I was praying to finish the stadium in November, but I think I have failed. December is now my target.”

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