ZIFA Polls: Enter the ‘Undertaker’

Former Warriors skipper Benjani Mwaruwaru landed in the country yesterday to file up his nomination papers for the ZIFA elections set for December.

Mwaruwaru who is based in England is reportedly to have talked to his ‘friends’ he made during his playing days in Europe to find ways to unlock financial opportunities at Zifa.

Though the former Man City striker is unlikely to contest for the ZIFA Presidency post, be may contest other posts.

The Undertaker, as Benjani was affectionately known has hinted in previous interviews that he is willing to assist domestic football from the boardroom.

In an Interview with the Chronicle, one of Benjy’s backers said Mwaruwaru will use his European connections to help develop the country’s football.

“The fact that he has decided to come all the way from his base in England to be there this week, when the nominations will be filed, means that he is serious about playing a role in the boardroom to help Zimbabwe football move forward,” one of his backers said.

“He is fully committed and believes that he has the connections, in Europe, which we need right now if we are to grow as a game and has been making consultations with some of them in the past few weeks and they have encouraged them to come here and play a part.

“Benji was always committed to see Zimbabwe football prosper and this is a man who, during his playing days, would use his personal funds to foot some bills related to the national team because he wanted to see us becoming a success story.

“Now that he is retired, he believes that he can use the connections that he established in playing in Europe for a long time, including when he was at Manchester City, to help our game and he is very serious about this.”

The candidature of Mwaruwaru will be a welcome development for the many soccer lovers in the country who have often voiced their concerns that leadership in the country’s football should be run by former players.

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