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ZIFA Elections: Gwindi launches manifesto

Aspiring ZIFA Presidential candidate Leslie Gwindi has come up with a course of action of what he says will turn around the fortunes of football in the country if he is elected ZIFA President.

Gwindi is set to battle it out with Philip Chiyangwa, Trevor Juul and James Takavada for the ZIFA President’s vacant post in elections set for December 5.

Gwindi spoke to the media promising major reforms to the game.

In his interview as quoted buy the Herald Gwindi said rich people has failed football in the country and its time to do things right.

“We need to carry out a very far reaching and deep institutional reform. We need to look at our constitution. We need to look at how best we can improve.

“Reforms are indispensable in our current situation. We need to underline that and reforms will make us a credible organisation with integrity because we will have a constitution, we will have norms of behaviour, we will have a defined roles situation where there is clarity between who is doing what and who is accountable. And that is what is necessary,” said Gwindi.

Gwindi challenged the ZIFA councillors to “do what is right” when they convene for the election.

He said it was apparent they have learnt from their mistakes at the previous two elections, hence the decision to revoke Dube’s mandate.

“The underlining theme of our manifesto is to do what is right. Do the right thing. We are inspired to quote this because it is also biblical and it is important. You must be driven by these divine forces to do what is right,” said Gwindi.

Gwindi’s plan of action has eight deliverables which include:
1. Establishment of integrity and credibility of the institution called ZIFA through restoration of the sanctity of the constitution.
2. Accountability.
3. Adherence to the constitution.
4. Good governance.
5. Development of sustainable women’s league.
6. Establish a clear provincial and regional structure that leads to a conveyor belt into the Premiership and national teams.
7. Re-establish a robust relationship with primary and tertiary schools and establishment of provincial and regional academies.
8. Involve local sponsorship in all provinces and regions.

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