‘No hard feelings’ says Pasuwa

Warriors coach Callisto Pasuwa has spoken for the very first time since the dramatic week with his employers ZIFA.

The coach has remained silent since his sacking last week only to be reinstated after a public outcry and the intervention of the Minister of Sport.

The relations of the coach and ZIFA became strained with ZIFA vice President Omega Sibanda alleging that the coach was unprofessional and named 16 players in his team which are managed by his agent Gibson Mahachi – Allegations which has since proven to be false.

ZIFA later issued a statement of apology in regard to the matter.

Speaking to the media in a press conference yesterday, Pasuwa said he has left the past for the past but for the sake of the nation he will soldier on with his troops.

“No hard feelings, that’s the reason why I am here. I am prepared to work for the nation. Maybe it’s a case of understanding each other,” said Pasuwa.

Pasuwa also says he will be hoping to regroup with his squad and resume camp soon after Christmas as his charges have lost quite a lot time and are way behind their training program.

The history making former Dynamos coach pledged to work extra hard as a reward to the loyal fans that persisted for his reinstating when he was fired.

The CHAN tournament in Rwanda kicks off on the 16th of January and Zimbabwe will be hoping to better their semifinal berth they reached in the last tournament.

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