Chiyangwa urges administrators to revolutionise football

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ZIFA President Phillip Chiyangwa has urged local football  adminstrators to revolutionise the game for self sustainance.

He said this after two of the country’s top big clubs Highlanders and Dynamos failed to travel to Botswana for an invitetional tournment. The Zimbabwean giants pulled out at the last minute, citing the failure by the organisers to fulfil contractual obligations.

Speaking to the Herald, he said administrators should a adopt business approach to football.

“Following the revolution that has taken place in football, the administrators of yesterday need to come out of the past and abandon the traditional ways of running the game,’’ said Chiyangwa.

“Going backwards, there were certain things that our previous leaders didn’t do, but I am saying if you are a visionary leader, you need to be assertive.

“It is the same story with our PSL clubs and those in the lower leagues. We need to be generational thinkers”.

The ZIFA boss also incouraged local clubs to  value themselves and protect their brands.

“We should have a situation where our players are utilities and whose value we should know. It was saddening to hear that our top clubs were looking to go and play in a tournament where there was to be no prize money, which shows they didn’t really value themselves”.

However, Chiyangwa is aware of the cause behind this mal-adminstration. He said it was all done out of greadness and they don’t aim to achieve more. They are satisfied with the little they have.