Highlanders coach Akbay accuses Phiri of ‘sabotaging’ the club

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Troubled Bulawayo giants Highlanders is on the verge of drastic changes over mounting allegations of sabotage labelled against assistant coach Amini Soma Phiri.

The Chronicle reports that, the assistant coach has been accused of undermining head coach Erik Akbay according to a letter submitted to the club executive by the Dutch coach, which may force the club to take drastic action.

According to the Chronicle, the letter alleges that Phiri has become a stumbling block to the team’s success due to his negative influence on the team.

Akbay also wants suspended Cosmos Zulu be reinstated back in the team.

Highlanders are coming from the back of three consecutive defeats and there are growing concerns from the fans who want the coach to be sacked.

Akbay has maintained loyalty to the club indicating he would rather see off his contract which expires in December.