Highlanders’ head coach Erol Akbay could be brewing a storm with Bosso faithfuls after the coach made sensantional clamims that Dynamos is run better than Highlanders.

Akbay who has been making a series of rants as the Bulawayo giants continue on a decline having lost four successive matches could as well be up in arms with the legion of Bosso followers.

The coach alluded to the fact that, Dynamos is still able to purchase players despite also having money problems like all the other clubs.

Akbay in an interview with the Chronicle still blames the Bosso executive for not keeping to their promises of buying quality players.

“Even Dynamos have money problems just like Highlanders, but they were able to sign two or three players during the mid-season, so maybe they have better organisation than what we have here at Highlanders. Maybe that is what is missing here at Highlanders, better organisation. You know the coach wants good players. Last year they sold players and I only asked for a few dollars from those sales to buy quality players, but it never came and so what would you want from the coach,” said Akbay.

The Bulawayo giants has over the past years been losing quality players but have been unable to find notable replacements. Players such as Bruce Kangwa, Knox Mutizwa, Prince Dube and Roderick Mutuma have left the club at the pinacle of their cereers.

Highlanders will have their work cut out in their next league encounter as they face a high riding Dynamos. Dynamos have won six matches on the trot while Bosso sit on a four match losing streak.