Football fans are set to enjoy massive football action at lower price with pay TV broadcaster DSTV reducing prices tomorrow.

DSTV has also introduced a $7 bouquet specific for Zimbabwean consumers.

Live action from English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Spanish La Liga and other tournaments is now available on lower prices.

The move is seen as a counter to newly introduced Kwese TV,however Kwese is yet to be licence to operate in the country and is currently engaged in a court battle with the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ)

According to DSTV new bouquet prices are as follows:

Premium – $65

Compact Plus – $40

Compact – $25

Family – $17

Access – $11

Dstv Lite – $7

The previous monthly subscriptions were  as follows:

Premium – $72

Compact Plus – $47

Compact – $28

Family – $17

Access – $11

Previous charges were relatively expensive considering the current economic challenges in the country. DSTV said the price reduction was motivated by a desire to give Zimbabwean customers more in light of the financial challenges currently facing the country.

However the prices are still high as compared to those in South Africa. When converted to dollars using the current official rate, the price of Premium bouquet is $59,50.

Nonetheless, the price reduction is something worth celebrating.