The Equatorial Guinea national women’s football team has been banned from participating at the 2019 edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The expulsion comes after the West Africans fielded ineligible players during the 2016 Rio Olympics qualifiers. Initially, they were banned  from participating at the 2020 Olympics for the use of forged and falsified documents by two of their players but further investigations found that ten players were in-fact ineligible to play for the country.

The ten players are:

1. Ana Lucia Nascimiento dos Santos
2. Mirian Silva da Paixao
3. Adriana Soares Parente
4. Dulcia Maria Davi
5. Bruna Amarante da Silva
6. Ana Cristina da Silva
7. Jumaria Barbosa de Santana
8. Vania Cristina Martins
9. Carolina Conceicao Martins Pereira
10. Adriana Aparecida Costa

It is understood that the ineligible players are Brazilians. Meanwhile, they will also have to pay a fine of $102 000 to FIFA.