The week in quotes

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In case you want to know what the football stars said during the week, here are some of the comments made around the world.

“Being in charge for 100 games does not matter, if it was not for you (media) I could not have known that.” – Norman Mapeza after his 100th game in charge at FC Platinum

“Most of the players at the team are not fit to be playing for the big institution like Dynamos. They lack zeal and passion and one really wonders if they are championship material.” – Tsholotsho coach Darlington Dodo after 1-1 draw against Dynamos.

“I never felt that we could concede a goal. Sometimes I feel to be good defensively is a crime but it is not a crime.” – Jose Mourinho after beating Benfica in UEFA Champions League match.

“We have never revised our target. Our target remains to win the league title and we are still going for it.” – Chicken Inn coach Rahman Gumbo after beating Harare City.

“To be professional is to give 100 per cent as long as you are somewhere. For the rest, we came out many times and said that’s the situation.” – Arsene Wenger commenting on Mesut Ozil’s links to Manchester United.

“Institutionally, football is racist. Even in management and the players how many black people make it into management or coaching? What 0.5 per cent or less?” – Former Bradford and Jamaica winger Jamie Lawrence criticizing English Football Association.

“Kylian Mbappe is a great player and has all the qualities to become one of the big names in football. I will help him in everything and hopefully, I can do for him the same thing that Messi has done for me.” – Neymar Jr

“Life doesn’t require us to be the best, we only need to try our best. #AlwaysBeThankful.” – Marvelous Nakamba