Highlanders coach Erol Akbay took some gloss off Caps United’s 3-1 win last night claiming that the Harare side always wins with the help of ball boys.

Akbay spent the better part of the second half on the touch line with a ball in his hands as the ball boys were either delaying throwing the ball or had hidden some of the balls.

“I don’t know why every time we play Caps United they need the help of ball boys. I feel sorry for them, a big club like Caps United. I was complaining to the fourth referee that this was not fair,” said Akbay.

The Highlanders gaffer believes that his side could have won the match had they stuck to their game plan and also utilized chances that came their way.

“We gave them too much space and if you give an opponent too much space, you get beaten. But we had a lot of chances which we should have scored. We didn’t play badly only that we failed to score,”.

Dominic Chungwa scored a brace with Devon Chafa weighing in with the other goal while Ralph Matema pulled one back for Highlanders in the 3-1 Makepekepe victory.