Kaindu furious with referee’s decision

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How Mine coach Kelvin Kaindu was left disappointed after his team lost controversially against Highlanders in a match played at Barbourfields Stadium on Thursday.

Chikurupati conceded through a “soft penalty” late in the game when Simon Munawa converted the kick. Defender Kudzai Chideu was adjudged to have fouled Ralph Matema inside the box.

“For the first time in my career I called my players off the pitch and was ready to have the match abandoned. It was only after the intervention of the executive that I agreed to finish the game. We can’t develop football in this way. It’s also very very strenuous dealing with stressed players, getting stressed by the referees and you also end up stressed,” said Kaindu

“Look at how many matches have been abandoned this year alone due to poor officiating. I have always said it that it’s only in Africa where you see referees escorted out of the pitch by the police after the game. Why? It doesn’t happen in Europe.”

The play was stopped for four minutes after the Zambian gaffer instructed his players to leave the pitch in protest over defender Frank Makarati’s sending off.

Makarati received a second yellow card for protesting the penalty decision. How Mine chairman Paul McAndrew quickly intervened and the players returned to the field.