The 2018 FIFA World Cup is already underway in Russia with 3rd round matches of the group stage kick starting today.

This year’s edition has seen a massive 40 percent rise in the prize money since the last edition in 2014. From Group stage finishes to winners, here’s how much prize money has been earmarked for different stage of the competition in Rusia.

While the winners of previous World Cup, Germany, were awarded a prize money of USD 35 million, this time around, the winners in Russia will get USD 38 million. The 16 teams who will end their journey in the group stage only, however, will receive the same amount (USD 8 million) as they did four years ago.

While there has been a significant rise in a few categories, some others have been exactly the same as before. Here’s the complete break-up of how much and to whom will the prize money be distributed in FIFA 2018 World Cup:

16 teams which fail to go beyond the group stage: $8 million each

8 teams which fail to go beyond the Round of 16: $12 million each

4 teams which fail to go beyond the Quarter Finals: $16 million each

Team that finishes 4th in the overall standings: $22 million

Team that finishes third in the overall standings: $24 million

Runners-up: $28 million

Winners: $38 million

Other than the prize money that each team will get based on the position they will finish at in the tournament, all 32 teams who are participating in the FIFA 2018 World Cup will earn a fee of $1.5 million each.

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