Jurgen Klopp has brushed aside Jose Mourinho’s comments that Liverpool must now challenge for the title after a huge spending in the transfer market.

Miurinho appeared to take a dig at Klopp’s change after having claimed he was not into spending large amounts in the transfer market and having criticised United’s vast outlay to bring in Paul Pogba two years ago.

Mourinho suggested this week that the Reds must now win the Premier League to justify spending around £250m on new recruits since the turn of the year.

Speaking to journalists ahead of Liverpool’s clash with Manchester United on Sunday Klopp seemed unfazed by the comments.

“What can I say about that? Jose can say what he wants to say to be honest,” Klopp told reporters in Ann Arbor.

“I’m not too much interested in Manchester United. I’m pretty sure they will do business as well in the next few days, but we know about our responsibility.

“We feel responsible only for our fans, for our owners, for the supporters all over the world, nobody else. That’s the situation.

“We are ambitious, we never said anything different. We have to deliver – what that means exactly, I don’t know in this moment.

“But a big part of the job is to play football that our people like. That happened last year, probably the year before as well, and now we are in the situation where we want to make the next step.

“But the opponents don’t sleep. We know that. It means our life is not easier because we brought a few players in. We only feel a bit better prepared than last year. That’s all.”