Follow our live coverage of the CHAN 2020 – Group A game between hosts Cameroon and Zimbabwe.


* Fulltime

90′ Zim trying hard to get the equaliser but are failing to break through.

87′ Corner kick to Cameroon, played short and ends in a  goal kick.

84′ SAVE!!! Sibanda goes down to save Tchuente’s effort from a short range.

81′ Cameron Sub:

80′ Cameroon’s Mani tries from outside the box but the ball goes over.

75′ Cameroon Sub:

71′ Zim Sub: Nadolo, Mukamba replaces Chitiyo, Mavunga.

71′ Goal!!! Cameroon open the scoring through Banga.

69′ Muduhwa goes down as he calls for medical attention. Play temporarily stopped.

68′ MISS!!! Meyong ghosts from behind to head wide from an unmissable position. Zim survive again.

66′ Muvhunga goes down and calls for medical attention. Play stopped for some seconds.

65′ Corner kick to Zim, keeper clears out of danger.

64′ Sibanda receives a verbal warning for time wasting.

63′ Meyong with some space but shoots wide.

62′ Yellow Card to Nyahwa (Zim)

60′ Zim Sub: Chirinda replaces Taderera.

59′ Nekati with a great block to deny a header going in.

56′ Cameroon Sub: Ndjeng replaces Soga.

55′ Zim now retaining some possession as they attack.

51′ Taderera breaks away but fails to beat his last marker, ball desperately cleared for a throw in.

50′ Cameroon dominating in the early minutes as they waste another opportunity.

48′ Cameroon all over Zimbabwe as Meyong shoots from inside the box but the ball goes straight into the hands of Sibanda.

47′ Zoua runs cutting inside and shoots at goal, his effort goes an inch wide. Zim survive.

46′ Zim gets the play underway.

* Halftime

– Zim maintaining a disciplined backline and relying mostly on counter attacks. Cameroon breaking in here and there and producing some dangerous raids but it remains goalless going into the break.

45′ Freekick to Zim, whipped in by Mavunga, Hachiro tries to connect it but his header goes out.

43′ Mavhunga comes back to help the defence as he stops a dangerous run from the far side.

42′ Oukine picks a cut-back pass from 35-yards out and tries a shot, but the effort goes way over.

41′ Zim on attack but Taderera is flagged offside.

38′ Zim maintaining a disciplined back line as they thwart another raid from Cameroon.

36′ Freekick to Cameroon in Zim half, swung into the box but the ball is cleared.

33′ Zim get their first corner kick, Mavhunga whips it in beautifully, keeper out stretches and tips the ball to concede a throw in.

31′ Corner kick taken, headed on target but Nyahwa makes a great clearance to stop the ball going in.

31′ Freekick to Cameroon in a dangerous position, cleared for a corner kick.

29′ Meyong tries from a range but shoots over.

28′ Nekati sends in a cross, but again, no takers inside the box, ball goes out for a throw-in.

26′ Corner kick to Cameroon, cleared

25′ Taderera whips another cross but finds no takers, Cameroon breaks away.

23′ Meyong tries from the edge of the box vut his effort goes over. Cameroon still dominating the pace.

19′ Taderera breaks away and runs into the box but finds no support, keeper collects his cross.

18′ SAVE!!! Andoulo gets the space inside the box, shoots at goal but Sibanda makes a brilliant stretch to deny him.

17′ Taderera receives a throw-in and tries to cut the ball back but the keeper collects.

15′ Andoulo’s long range strike goes wide, no threat for Sibanda.

14′ Corner kick to Cameroon, headed wide.

13′ Cameroon with a great build up, a short is blocked, Oukine picks the loose ball but his shot is collected by Sibanda.

12′ Chitiyo is embedded near the center circle. Free kick to Zim.

11′ Mavhunga swings in a cross but keeper collects with ease.

7′ Zim trying to come out of the shell but are failing to finish off their attacks. Muvhunga’s run is blocked.

5′ The hosts setting an early dominance as Zim is forced into defending.

4′ Cameroon come again and they get another corner kick which is cleared.

3′ Mavhurume miscues his clearance and forces goalkeeper Sibanda to come off his line but the ball goes out for a corner kick. Set-piece taken but it is cleared.

2′ Muduhwa concedes a freekick 35 yards out from goal, set-piece taken but hits the wall and Zim clears.

1′ Cameroon gets the game on.

Cameroon XI: Haschou, Banga, Etame, Hassana, Andoulo, Tchuente, Oukine, Zoua, Assomo, Meyong, Soga.

Warriors XI: A. Sibanda, I. Nekati (c), P. Muduwa, C. Mavhurume, T. Chamboko, R. Hachiro, S. Nyahwa, R. Chitiyo, L. Mavunga, P. Govere, W. Taderera.