Warriors manager Wellington Mpandare says they want to avoid staying in Botswana for long ahead of the national team’s penultimate Afcon Qualifier against the Zebras.

Zimbabwe is set to travel to Gaborone for the match during the last week of March and according to Mpandare, the plan is to arrive there on the eve of the game.

This is because they want to avoid undertaking another Covid-19 tests for the encounter.

Speaking to the Chronicle, the manager explained: “In terms of logistics, I’ve started doing research and there are daily flights to Botswana via South Africa, meaning that the ideal situation is to have all international players flying into Zimbabwe.

“Because of the Covid-19 situation, I think it would be ideal for us to leave on the eve of the match and use the results from tests done here for the game and come back. Please note that this is an option that I’ll present to the other guys and if they agree we will pursue it.”

Meanwhile, ZIFA has already started sending invites to clubs, requesting for the release of players for international duty.