Zifa Congress votes to boot out Kamambo executive

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The Zifa Congress has voted to boot out the Felton Kamambo-led executive at an Extradionary General Meeting held on Saturday.

Forty-three out of forty-five counsillors voted to revoke the board’s mandate.

The recall follows after the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) suspended the executive last November due to alleged maladmistration.

Felton Kamambo, Philemon Machana and Brighton Malandule were absent, while the only suspended executive members that attended the meeting were Sugar Chagonda, Babra Chikosi and Farai Jere.

However, development will not likely change FIFA’ stance on the country’s football matters.

The world governing body impossed a ban on Zimbabwe after the SRC suspended the ZIFA board and the only way the sanction will be lifted is the reinstatement of Kamambo.

A letter sent by FIFA to local football authorities on Friday read: “We refer to the aforementioned EGM notice. As discussed in the past weeks, it is important that in the context of the aforementioned EGM, the ZIFA members and delegates understand fully the decision of FIFA Council taken on 24 February 2022 (as attached hereto).

“Especially, they shall be reminded of the cumulative conditions imposed by FIFA Council in order for the ZIFA suspension to be lifted, including confirmation to FIFA that ZIFA and its management led by President Kamambo and GS Mamutse is back under their full and unconditional control.

“We trust this is of help and wish you a nice day.”