Action as it happened: Castle Lager Premiership Matchday 17

Follow our live coverage of the Castle Lager Premiership Matchday 17 games.


Dynamos 5-1 Yadah

90′ Goal!!! Eli Ilunga makes it five for Dynamos.

83′ Red Card to E. Moyo (Dynamos).

80′ Goal!!! Keith Madera scores his first Dynamos goal to extend the lead, 4-1.


30′ Goal!!! Yadah pulls one back.

20′ Goal!!! Makarati converts the penalty to triple Dynamos’ lead.

17′ Penalty!!! Dynamos get a penalty after Chikona is fouled inside the box.

10′ Goal!!! Chikona makes it two for Dynamos, off an assist from Bakari.

7′ Goal!!!! Nyahwa heads in Moyo’s corner kick to open the scoring.

5′ Matindife strikes at goal but the keeper punches the ball out for a corner kick.

1′ Kick-off!!!

Dynamos XI: Tafiremutsa, Jalai, E. Moyo, Makarati, Nyahwa, Magwaza, Makunike, Mudadi, Bakare, Matindife, Chikona.

Yadah XI: Takarinda, Mucheto, Kadamanja, Chikumba, Ndereki, Kamudyariwa, Kafilapanjela, Moffat, Mlilo, Chipangura, Gwatidzo.

Ngezi Platinum 0-1 Highlanders


90′ Three minutes added.

86′ Ngezi Sub: Gaki, Mapoka replace Mukumba, Benhura.

85′ Highlanders Sub: Tandi replaces McKinnon Mushore.

83′ Highlanders Sub: Mason Mushore replaces Chikuhwa.

76′ Red Card!!! Leslie Kashitigu receives a red card after committing a second bookable offense.

69′ Goal!!! Lynoth Chikuhwa opens the scoring for Highlanders.

68′ Ngezi miss a good chances through Tapiwa Mandinyenya.

66′ Amini finds some space and tries from a range but his effort goes wide.

63′ Ngezi Sub: Murimba, Mandinyenya replace Murasiranwa, Kadonzvo.

57′ Chikuwa sends in a cross and Navaya, who is at the far end, connects it. However, his effort is wide and hits the side netting.

53′ Big Chance: Ngezi get a free-kick in a dangerous position. Amini takes it but his effort hits the cross bar, still goalless.

50′ Ngezi Sub: Qadr Amin replaces Vuwa.

46′ Highlanders Sub: Ngala, Navaya comes in for Lunga, Farisa.


40′ Walter Vuwa  tries from a distance, Ariel Sibanda collects.

33′ Farisa delivers a delicious cross and Manhire connects it but his header goeas an inch wide. Big Chance missed.

29′ Ngezi win another corner kick, no threat for Bosso.

28′ Corner kick to Ngezi, Bosso clear their lines.

23′ Corner kick to Ngezi, Kadonzo connects it but his header misses the target.

20′ Chikuhwa threads in a dangerous through ball but Farisa fails to reach for it first and keeper comes out to collect.

17′ Murasiranwa tries from a range but his effort goes off target. No threat for Bosso.

15′ Still goalless but the game has tilted in Bosso half as Ngezi are searching for an opener.

8′ Kadonzvo’s shot is deflected, taking all the sting in it and Sibanda picks the ball.

3′ Chikuhwa tries from the range, keeper collects with ease. First chance of the game.

1′ Kick-off!!!

Ngezi XI: Chadya, Moyo, Madhake, Chigwida, Madhanana, Mukumba, Kashitigu, Kadonzvo, Vuwa, Murasiranwa, Benhura.

Highlanders XI: Sibanda, Ndlovu, Faira, Mbeba, Muduhwa, Lunga, Ncube, Farisa, McKinnon Mushore, Chikuhwa, Manhire.

Herentals 2-1 CAPS United

76′ Goal!!! Clive Rupiya pulls one back for CAPS.

56′ Goal!!! Herentals double their lead.

35′ Goal!!! Tino Benza puts Herentals ahead

18′ Yellow card to Sarupinda (CAPS).

1′ Kick-off!!!

Herentals XI:

CAPS XI: Mateyaunga, Daka, Chapusha, Masaka, Madzongwe, Joseph, Nyoni, Sarupinda, Rupiya, Manondo, Bamusi.

Black Rhinos 1-1 Simba Bhora

Triangle United 0-2 Greenfuel

63′ Greenfuel double their lead.

26′ Goal!!! Uchena puts Greenfuel ahead.


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