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Knives out for Gwesela, Mutekede, Mpandare

The ZIFA secretariat trio of acting Chief Executive Officer Xolisani Gwesela,  Technical Director Wilson Mutekede and national teams General Manager Wellington Mpandare is diving opinion among members of the Normalisation Committee.

More than a month after it’s appointment by FIFA to run the affairs of ZIFA until July next year, the Lincon Mutasa-led Normalisation Committee is still to come to a consensus over the trio.

The Committee us understood to be willing to work with all members of the secretariat,  except for Gwesela, Mutekede and Mpandare.

Soccer24 has it on good authority that Mutasa, and every member of the Normalisation Committee except for Nyasha Sanyamandwe, held a meeting with some members of the suspended Felton Kamambo-led ZIFA executive recently.

The Committee is understood to have wanted ‘clarity’ from the suspended executive, on how Gwesela, Mutekede and Mpandare executed their duties after the FIFA suspension.

The trio’s fate was sealed during that meeting and a document confirming its dismissal was written and also sent to FIFA.

“Following discussions with Mr Solomon Mudege (FIFA) here are the reasons for the dismissal of Mr Xolisani Gwesela, Mr Wellington Mpandare and Mr Wilson Mutekede from the ZIFA Secretariat,” reads the document, seen by Soccer24.

“Mr Xolisani Gwesela
– working with the SRC and government in destabilising football .
– taking directives from third parties (SRC and government) in running ZIFA.
– organising a series of meetings with SRC and Government for illegal takeover of ZIFA
– Organising and authorising participation of Warriors in 2022 Afcon tournament in Cameroon without Executive Committee Authority .
– Appointing Warriors coach , Mr Mapeza for 2022 Afcon tournament without Executive Committee authority .
– Availing classified minutes of the Executive Committee to SRC and Government .
– Authorising illegal forensic audit of ZIFA books by BDO at the behest of SRC .
– Facilitating provision of ZRP security details at ZIFA.
– Organising illegal ZIFA meetings with the assistance of SRC .
– facilitating change of ZIFA bank signatories with the assistance of the SRC.

“Mr Wellington Mpandare
– Organising 2022 Afcon camp without Executive Committee authority
– attending meetings with SRC and government to destabilise football
– taking instructions from SRC and third parties
– Blocking ZIFA Executives from traveling out of the country for FIFA meetings.
– Causing and facilitating the arrest of ZIFA EXCO Members on trumped up charges.

“Mr Wilson Mutekede
– taking instructions from third parties , SRC and government .
– Organising illegal coach training courses
– Negative media comments in relation to equipment bought by the Association.
– Appointment of Warriors Coach , Norman Mapeza for 2022 AFCON without Executive Committee authority.”

Sanyamandwe however wrote a letter to her fellow Normalisation Committee members,  urging them to keep Gwesela, Mutekede and Mpandare, arguing  that the Committee should not make decisions based on “toxicity emanating from football factionalism.”

“1. As recommended the dismissal of Mr Gwesela, Mr Mutekede, and Mr Mupandare from ZIFA Secretariat, a proposal that is not only complicated but irregular in the absence of just cause,” reads the letter.

“2. Please take notice that should there be alleged impropriety against the abovementioned members of the secretariat that is known to any one member of the NC or anyone among the football stakeholders such must be made available to the committee and investigations ensue through due process of fair labour practices. We need to constantly observe that we are a normalisation committee, and we must exercise professionalism, fairness, and justice in discharging our duties and avoid being swallowed into the toxicity of football factions which we had been mandated to normalise. Football, in my view, is all about fair play not only on the football pitch but also in its administration.

We need to ensure fair labour practices to avoid unnecessary lengthy legal battles that would derail the progress of ensuring that the football loving citizens and stakeholders start enjoying the game they so love.

“3. I put it to everyone that I want to exercise independent discretion based on facts and law, and not be hood winked into dismissing employees when there is no formal complaint leveled against them that is brought to my attention and the attention of the NC.

“4. For now, It is my submission and recommendation that we all work with the current secretariat for the swift execution of our mandate.

“5. It is my belief that we all have one vision, and that is to normalize football administration through sound strategy supported by reformed processes and procedures premised on good governance.

“Therefore, I request that we apply our minds to issues and avoid hearsay and pressure from people with selfish agendas. In my line of work, I shall limit myself to facts supported with evidence on matters regarding dismissal of employees, for I am an officer of the law and have taken oath regarding same.”

No comment could be obtained from Mutasa as his phone went unanswered.



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