Warriors remain unchanged on FIFA Rankings

The Warriors have remained unchanged on the latest FIFA Rankings released on Thursday.

Zimbabwe, who didn’t play during the September window, gained no points to retain number 125 in the world.

The national team dropped one place to number 34 in Africa with 1138.56 points.

The Warriors had a chance to play some sanctioned games this month following their return to international football but didn’t secure a friendly.

Meanwhile, Morocco remained the top ranked team in Africa, while Argentina took tje top spot.

World Top 10: 1. Argentina, 2. France, 3. Brazil, 4. England, 5. Belgium, 6. Croatia, 7. Netherlands, 8. Portugal, 9. Italy, 10. Spain.

Africa Top 10: 1. Morocco, 2. Senegal, 3. Tunisia, 4. Algeria, 5. Egypt, 6. Nigeria, 7. Cameroon, 8. Mali, 9. Ivory Coast, 10. Burkina Faso.



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