Action as it happened: CWC – Zimbabwe vs Lesotho

Follow our live coverage of the 2023 COSAFA Women’s Championship game between Zimbabwe vs Lesotho.


Zimbabwe 1-0 Lesotho


95′ Corner kick is sent into the box, there is a header by Chibanda but the effort is cleared off the line.

94′ Mafurise takes a snap shot from close range. Keeper makes herself big and blocks the ball for corner kick.

90′ Five minutes added.

85′ Free kick to Zim in Lesotho half. Kaitano takes it and goes for goal but her effort is wide.

84′ Play resumes as Shonge  gets back to her feet.

78′ Yellow card to Lesotho player.

78′ Shonga receives a blow on the ribs and is down injured. That looks serious. Play stopped.

77′ Zim Sub: Mafurise, Chemhere replace Katona, Dambamuromo.

75′ Big Chance!!! Mupeti sends in a dangerous cross and Katona is waiting for it at the back post. She makes a brilliant first touch and goes for the far post. The ball misses the target by inches.

73′ Katona with a good cross and Dambamuromo gets it near the penalty spot. She got a lot of space ahead but goes for first time and her effort goes wide. That was a good chance there.

71′ Sub: Lesotho make a double substitution.

70′ Water Break!!!

65 Yellow Card to Maloro (Lesotho).

63′ Kaitano with an audacious attempt from the centre to catch the keeper off the line. It’s a long one and misses the target by just inches.

60′ Mharadzi makes a timely interception to thwart Lesotho attack inside the box. She concedes a corner kick which Kaitano heads away to clear the danger.

58′ Goal!!! Mupeti receives the ball from Neshamba before going for a solo run. She beats the advancing goalkeeper and slots home to open the scoring.

53′ Neshamba receives a long ball and breaks free with all markers behind her. She has Mupeti as an option on her right. However, she loses her footing and is dispossessed before reaching the edge of the box.

50′ Katona threads a beautiful through ball to Mupeti who loses her footing inside the box. Lesotho recover.

49′ Yellow Card to Mharadzi (Zim)

47′ Kaitano picks a loose ball just outside the box but sends her effort over.

46′ Zim Sub: Mupeti, Mutumbami replace Moyo, Chihoro.


45+1′ Shonga makes another big save as she comes out to clear a dangerous that had been sent into the box.

45′ Three minutes added.

44′ Play temporarily stopped as Lesotho player receives medical attention.

39′ Corner kick to Zim, Lesotho clear the. danger.

34′ Katona receives a ball inside the box. She tries a volley but fails to pack her shot properly and the ball goes wide. The forward picks a knock in the process but the referee sees nothing wrong with the challenge. She goes out for a few moments to receive medical attention. Play continues.

33′ Sub: Lesotho make their first change of the game.

30′ Zimbabwe get two successive corner kicks. Neshamba manages to connect the second one but sends her shot over.

29′ Yellow Card to Chihoro (Zim).

25′ Corner kick to Zim. The ball is sent into the box. Lesotho clear the. danger and quickly launch a counter. The opponents reach the Mighty Warriors’ goal area but fluff a good scoring chance. Zim clear the danger.

23′ Water Break.

19′ Big Chance!!! Chibanda sends in a good cross and falls on unmarked Katona who controls the ball before striking at goal. However, her effort is blocked from point blank by the advancing goalkeeper.

13′ Yellow Card to Matloheloa (Lesotho).

9′ Corner kick to Zimbabwe, played short before a cross comes in. Katona is waiting in box but misses her header and the ball goes wide for a goal kick.

8′ Moyo picks a loose ball outside the box and tries a shot. Her effort is weak and the keeper collects with ease.

3′ Shongwe with a big one-hand save to deny Lesotho a lead in a 1-v-1.

1′ Kick-off!!!

Zim XI: Shonga, Neshamba, Mharadzi, Ncube, Kaitano, Katona, Chibanda, Mugari, Dambamuromo, Chihoro, Muromo.

Lesotho XI:


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