Everton facing massive points-deduction in EPL

English Premier League side Everton is facing a massive points deduction that could leave them fighting serious relegation threats.

The club is being investigated for a potential breach of financial rules back in 2021-22.

According to the Telegraph, the Toffees’ case is currently being heard by an independent commission after they posted staggering financial losses of almost £372million over a three-year period, more than £250m above what the Premier League’s guidelines permits.

Though the final decision will be made by the commission, the EPL is seeking a points deduction as punishment if Everton are found guilty.

The publication adds that the League has recommended the punishment to be extremely severe, and up to a maximum of 12 points.

Such a sanction would put them in grave risk of going down, given the team’s relegation battles in recent seasons and precarious current position of 16th, three points off the relegation zone.

Everton are currently 16th in the Premier League after two wins from their opening nine games, with a trip to West Ham on Sunday.

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